Healing Relationships

Here at our light house we not only teach people how to heal there relationships, but facilitate sessions that heal relationships at that very momemt without every speaking a word to another.

In order for any relationship to heal two things must happen.

1.One must completely experience the pain that other has caused. Once this happens forgiveness comes naturally to them. Once you forgive the other person you are clearing a tremendous hurdle in your own spiritual growth.

2.Secondly, forgiveness must be obtained from the other. This naturally occurs when you completely experience the pain you have cause the other and feel true compassion. Miraculoously they will forgive you and forgiveness would have been easily obtained.

Please note that none of the above can occur without the grace of the divine.The Oneness Blessing is grace and therefore allows all of the above to happen with no effort!

Please send questions to onenessblessingny@yahoo.com or onenessmovementny@yahoo.com