Our Light House is a Sacred space for meditation, contemplation and deep intense healing. Founded on June 2005 by Aditi & Vishal Ji, Our Light House has changed inummerable lives across the country. Many come seeking refuge from the harsh, stressful hectic everyday life New Yorkers face, while others come seeking a change in their personal, professional or spiritual life. This sacred space has been created for all persons to come and feel at home away from home. Sessions at ourlighthouse are a result of the pure love and compassion for humanity in the heart of its founders.

On almost every continent of the world people are experiencing the Oneness Blessing and the transformation it imparts. Oneness Blessing is a transfer of energy that is pure grace. This Blessing is given by people who have been initiated as Oneness Blessing Givers by monks. Oneness Blessings are transfered by touch, or intention. The purpose of the Oneness Blessing is to bring about a neuro-biological change in the person that receives it slowing down the senses altering one's experience of life. The Blessing stimulates and activates the parts of the brain that experience joy, happiness, bliss and divine love and deactivates the parts of the brain that experience suffering. Ultimately after attending a special retreat at Oneness University India the receiver experiences a shift in consciousness that allows them to NATURALLY perceive and experience life differently permanently. Such a person would be described as "Awake".